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Zom.bio is an independent development studio founded in 2015 by Warstorm designer Janus Anderson.

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Zom.bio is an independent development studio founded in late 2015 by Janus Anderson. In a career that has spanned over 20 years, Janus has accumulated some serious gaming cred as a designer, programmer, producer and studio director, working for the likes of Zynga and Disney Mobile.

Starting out by working on some of the earliest PC MMOs, Janus has notched up a fair number of triumphs, including The Realm, for Sierra Entertainment, Dungeon Runners, whilst at NC Soft and notably, Warstorm; an asynchronous collectible card game for Challenge Games. Warstorm became one of the earliest successes on Facebook, with over 3 million players having played it. As a huge Magic the Gathering fan and a CCG enthusiast, Janus was drawn back to this title and passionately set about creating its spiritual successor.

Storm Wars is the first release from Zom.bio and has already began to build up a devoted following since being released on Kongregate during the middle of 2016, with the Facebook version to follow.


Storm Wars CCG



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